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We are sorry to report that effective immediately ASU will no longer have a license to use the Grammarly software. The Grammarly software is not in compliance with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT), as required by Federal and State Law. The company refuses to make the necessary updates to their software to meet the required VPAT standards. We continue to search for a viable replacement.

What is Grammarly?

For Faculty

Grammarly is a very useful and effective tool in BlackBoard for instructors who grade essays, book reviews, etc., and who consider grammar and style as an important component of the student’s grade. It will automatically evaluate almost any BlackBoard assignment and will flag all the grammatical and stylistic errors in the writing. Based on the number and importance of the errors it discovers, it will assign a score, which can then be used at the instructor’s discretion.

The instructor also has the ability to send a report from Grammarly directly to the student author, so that they can see the results. In addition, the student can submit their rough draft themselves, generate their own report, and then make corrections before final submission via BlackBoard.

For Students

Why should I use it? Grammarly is a new online tool that can help you to improve your writing skills enormously (and get better grades on those essays, reports, and papers). When you submit your work to Grammarly, it will run a very thorough check of all sorts of grammar and style errors, as well as checks for accidental plagiarism. It then flags them and offers suggestions for rewrites. See the student tutorial below to learn how you can run your own report!

Grammarly Tutorials

Using Grammarly – for Faculty
Using Grammarly – for Students

Grammarly grammar checker is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. Check your writing for grammar, punctuation, style and much more.

Students can sign up and log-into Grammarly@EDU here >>