Welcome to Arkansas State University!


Blackboard Learn 9.1, Service Pack 11, is better than ever.

On May 31, ASU will be upgraded to the latest version of Blackboard Learn™, Service Pack 11, which will provide a more user friendly and modern experience for you and your students. 

About the Upgrade

Blackboard Learn 9.1, Service Pack 11, provides a more user friendly and modern experience for all users

The updates in this latest Service Pack were made with educators and students in mind. Nearly 640 institutions, including ones like Arkansas State University, contributed to the development of this latest release, making Blackboard Learn simply better for educators and students.

Many existing features have been improved and additional ones have been added to make your course more engaging.

  • New streamlined theme for enhanced look and functionality
  • Added server storage space for faster loading
  • Improved Item Analysis for refining Assessments
  • Easier Assignment grading through the new Inline Grading feature.
  • Increased student engagement through the new My Blackboard area
  • Efficient course management using the new Global Navigation Menu
  • Enhanced functionality for course evaluations for users of EvalKit

We are confident that you will find as much excitement in this new version of Blackboard Learn as we do. If you have questions or concerns about these upcoming changes, please let us know.

Blackboard Learn, simply better