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Instructor Live Proctoring Sample

Dear Student,

I will utilize ProctorU Live Proctoring for this course.  You will need to create a ProctorU account by clicking the ProctorU link in the course or by clicking the following link: 


You will need to schedule each live-proctored exam 3 days (72 hours) or more in advance.  Failure to do so will result in a $8 “Take it Soon” procrastination fee or $12 “On Demand” procrastination fee.  Because you accrued a $15 per credit hour student identity authentication fee when you registered for this course, there is no cost per exam unless you schedule within the 72-hour window.

All exams will be taken in Blackboard.  Quizzes will not be proctored. Please review the ProctorU section for a tutorial video on the live proctoring process and other information.  Once you connect with a proctor, you will navigate to the exam and the proctor will unlock the exam for you.  You will not be able to take the exam without being proctored. 


Agneta Sibrava