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Eval Kit instruction

The following are the steps that faculty may use to access EvalKIT course evaluations:


1.         Log into Blackboard at https://bblearn.astate.edu

2.         Go to any of your spring/summer 2013  or any current semester courses

3.         Go to the Control Panel of your course. The Control Panel is in the bottom left corner of the course Homepage.

4.         Click on Course Tools

5.         Select EvaluationKIT User Access.  If the EvaluationKIT User Access link is not visible go to step 7 and then back to 6

6.         All evaluations are accessible on the Homepage, including those from current and past semesters
            If you do not see any courses showing up, please make sure you are selecting your college from the drop down, not the default ­ Arkansas State University. Also, make sure you select instructor (see image  below).

7.         Go to Customization under the Control Panel. Select Tool Availability, then scroll down to EvaluationKIT and select all check boxes and then select Submit (image below). Exit the screen and return to step 6 to view your course evaluations.