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Adding an Exam in ProctorU

1. Log into Blackboard, select your course, and navigate to the ProctorU link.

Navigate to ProctorU link

2. On the ProctorU home page, select the ‘Add New’ drop down button and click ‘Exam’.

Add new ProctU

3. Complete all information pertaining to the exam and submit for approval. Type “Blackboard” into the exam URL. Please provide a password for your exam. The exam must be password protected.  The ProctorU proctor will unlock the exam for students.  Please use a different password for each exam.


4. Your exam is now created in ProctorU.


5. When an exam addition form is completed, the instructor receives an email when the exam is activated. An exam should be submitted to ProctorU at least three weeks before an exam Exams can be processed in a shorter amount of time if needed, but this time frame ensures smoother exam scheduling. An alert 72 hours before the exam starts notifies the instructor that created the exam. It asks them to confirm the exam data and gives instructions if exam details need to be changed.

Note: Exams will be locked 24 hours before the start date. If an instructor wishes to create an exam or wants to make changes less than 24 hours before the start date, they must contact ProctorU directly at passwords@proctoru.com or 855-772-8678 ext. 2.  Instructors with any questions may also speak to a live representative using ProctorU’s LiveChat feature.