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Student Technology Assistant Program

If you love technology as much as we do, then consider joining our team! We are looking for motivated students who want to add valuable technology skills and work experience to their undergraduate education at ASU.

Program Overview

The Student Technology Assistant program provides students with the opportunity to work with technology and to support students, faculty, and staff of the university both in and out of the classroom. The program is student-centered and student-run. The program provides students with a structured experience in technology support and consulting services. Student employees enjoy the benefits of structured professional development through participation in the program and will find that their resumes are more attractive than those of their peers due to the fact that they have up to four years of solid work experience and technology skills in addition to earning their academic degree.

Student Benefits

By participating in the Student Technology Assistant program, student employees will develop the necessary technical and professional skills through the unique development program which will equip them with the tools needed to be successful in today’s technology-oriented workplace, regardless of their major.

The Student Technology Assistant Program promotes these characteristics:

  • Demonstrably improves the level and quality of information technology support services at dramatically lower cost than any other option;
  • Trains many students in technical, consulting and organizational skills;
  • Relies on (and develops) the ability of students to supervise, train, and manage other students;
  • Includes students from both technical and non-technical majors;
  • Provides service learning options for participating students;
  • Allows many students to experience the benefits of "learning by teaching"; and
  • Enables many technology support professionals to spend more time providing services that make better use of their expertise.

There are two areas in which students can work in the Student Technology Assistant Program:

Technology Support Consultants

Work directly with students in the Student Technology Support Center (eventually the Genius Center) to provide support for computer-related questions and issues. Support issues center around operating system, browser and software support, learning management system support (Blackboard), Learning Application Support (Tegrity, Respondus, SPSS, etc), Productivity/Creativity Support (MS Word, Excel, Adobe CS5, etc) and networking support (wireless, etc).

Technical Support Specialists

Work directly with IT professionals in positions including mobile computing support, computer repair services, web programming, helpdesk services, and network services (wireless and wired).


The rate of pay for Technology Support Consultants and Technical Support Specialists is tiered to encourage professional development and continuation in the position throughout the student career. Increases are granted after 12-months of employment and completion of the professional development objectives for the respective tier. The supervisor for each program participant will work with the student employee in developing an appropriate annual professional development plan just as is done for full time employees.

Pay Rate Table