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Starfish Retention Solution

Starfish has several components to help with student retention.

     • Starfish Early Alert helps gather information about students so that they can
       receive help before circumstances cause them to fall behind.

     • Starfish Connect helps create a bridge between students, professors, advisors,
       and tutors, to keep students on the right track. There are scheduling and
       communication elements built into this portion of the software.

     • Starfish Advising is a tool to help students see the light at the end of the tunnel.
       Registering for classes can be daunting, but this portion of the software makes it
       easy for both students and advisors, and simplifies the process. It shows
       students the classes they need to stay on track, and alerts advisors when a
       student isn’t enrolled in the correct classes, or drops a class they may need to
       graduate on time.

 Overall, the vision of Starfish is to help students succeed and graduate. It is an easy
to use tool with a great user interface that gives faculty, students, and staff the
opportunity to connect on another level.

Why are we transitioning to Starfish Retention Solutions?

 Starfish will streamline advising as well as early alert to help students succeed. It is beneficial for the university as it will increase retention. 

How will Starfish Retention Solutions benefit faculty-advisors?

        • An easy to use interface that shows an automated workflow and communication tools
        • Gives another tool for connecting with students to help them succeed, which helps faculty-advisors
           to succeed
        • See compiled data including notes from instructors, past advising activity, courses, grades,
           demographic data, and more.
        • Simplifies the advising process taking every step digital. It also unifies the campus by
           giving one way of advising instead of several ways across disciplines
        • Give students feedback on their work and connect them with the right people to provide
        • The grades and attendance already entered in the LMS sync with Starfish to show which
           students may be falling behind or not coming to class.

How will Starfish Retention Solutions benefit students?

        • Gives students the opportunity to connect with advisors and faculty for better success
        • Registering for classes is easy and hassle free. Currently, that is not the case at ASU
        • Because students are engaged, advisors can connect them with the support they need
        • Students may fall behind for a number of reasons, but Starfish is a great way to give
           advisors and faculty a tool to engage their students for better student success
        • Increased student retention
        • Strong support network that is easily accessible
        • Helps students to see manageable, easy to achieve pieces of their academic goals

How will Starfish Retention Solutions help administrators?

       • Provides useful information about areas that may need improvement, or areas that are
         working well for students
       • Analyze data with reporting tools
       • Create a successful environment for students, which drives the University to success
       • Receive data that will help make decisions for the University
       • Understand where students may be struggling most, in which programs, at which time of
         the year, so that resources can be provided to those areas
       • Raise student retention, which translates to more dollars for the University