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International Ambassadors

Japanese International Ambassador

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Daiki Itoh

Hometown: Kanagawa

Home Country: Japan

Major: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Japanese & English

Why A-State: They offer many fields of study and the environment is great! Also, the tuition fee is affordable to students.

Favorite Professor: Dr. Causey in Computer Science. He teaches the material really well. Whenever I ask questions, he is always willing to help me out.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I like to help not just Japanese students, but all international students to mingle into society and A-State. I want to help them have the best experience at this university.


African International Ambassador

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Izzeldin Ahmed

Hometown: Tuti

Home Country: Sudan

Major: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Languages Spoken: Arabic & English

Why I Chose A-State: I chose A- State because it has a good Biology program; people are very kind; and it’s all packed in an affordable cost for a student.

Favorite Food on Campus:  Chick Fil A sandwiches because they have the best chicken in Jonesboro!

Why I Am An International Ambassador:  I enjoy helping and interacting with people whenever I can, and since I know how hard it can be being an international student, I chose to become an international ambassador.

South Asian International Ambassador

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Jason Gattagalla

Hometown: Hyderabad

Home Country: India

Major: Master of Science in Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Telugu, & English

Favorite Spot on Campus: Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) Area in the Red Wolf Fitness Center

Favorite Campus Building & Why: Student Union! I like how diversified the building is. I like to see students from all over the world walking, talking, working, and dining all at one place.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: Being an international student, I know how it feels to be away from home. It takes a lot of courage and determination to come abroad and pursue education. I am very glad to be the point of contact for the students who wish to study at A-State. I share my experiences with A-State and encourage them to pursue higher education. Also, as an ambassador for multiple countries, I try to connect with the various student organizations and students to keep updated on what is going on with them on-campus.

Contact: Jason.gattagal@smail.astate.edu

Chinese International Ambassador


Kai Fan

Hometown: Yulian, Shaanxi

Home Country: China

Major: Master of Science in Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Mandarin Chinese & English

Favorite Memory of A-State: Participating in the Spring Festival on-campus

Why A-State: It’s a small college town that helps me focus on my studies. It is close to Memphis, which is only one hour away for a larger experience. The people here in Jonesboro are friendly and kind.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I like to talk to people from different countries. I have lived in Jonesboro for six years now. I want to help people know this place and the University.

Contact: kai.fan@astate.edu

Indian International Ambassador

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Madhu Sheela Pakala

Hometown: Hyderabad

Home Country: India

Major: Professional Science Master in Biotechnology

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi and Telugu

Why A-State: A-State provides a high-quality degree and ABI collaborate the research in both agriculture and medical research.  Graduating through A-State, I will have a successful career in my field.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: With my best experience as an international student, I can help and advise the other international students about living and resources on campus.


Middle Eastern International Ambassador


Saleh Alshehri

Hometown: Riyadh

Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Master of Business Administration

Language Spoken: Arabic & English

Why A-State: When I got my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my higher education and go or a Master’s degree. At that time, I was looking for a university that can have a high U.S. rank and a professional MBA program. I found that Arkansas State University was the best choice for me. The MBA Program is an AACSB accredited program, and there are many professional faculty members.

Favorite Thing to do in Jonesboro: Going to the lake and enjoying a great time with family.

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I believe that what we do for people is how we learn and gain new things in this life. Helping students is the best way to make my life full of happiness. I have 14 years of work experience and with my major, I feel I can do something positive for students of A-State.

Contact: saleh.alshehri@astate.edu

Vietnamese International Ambassador


Trang Kieu Nguyen

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City

Home Country: Vietnam

Major: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Administration

Languages Spoken: Vietnamese & English

Favorite Campus Building & Why: Humanities Building because of its artistic interior design and Einstein Bros. Bagels inside!  

Favorite Professor: Mr. Tyler Zeigler is a really nice professor who teaches me one of my favorite classes: Issues in Healthcare Administration. He has been working in the corporate world, so he gives us lots of insight into the industry

Favorite Memory of A-State: Having a Christmas meal at the Chancellor’s house.

Contact: kieutran.nguyen@astate.edu

Korean International Ambassador


Yeon Jae (Jessica) Lee

Hometown: Seoul

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Master of Business Administration

Languages Spoken: Korean & English

Favorite Memory of A-State: Having a BBQ party in the A-State Pavilion with Korean students after the mid-term exams. The weather was perfect, and the food was great!

Favorite Campus Building & Why: My favorite A-State building is the Fine Arts Building (where the Department of Music is located). On the second floor, there are pianos open for the public. I like to go there on the weekend to play the piano and other instruments with other students all together!

Favorite Food On-Campus: Einstein Bros. Bagels located in the A-State Humanities building is my favorite! I enjoy having the cinnamon sugar bagel with a strawberry banana smoothie for brunch!

Contact: yeonjae.lee@smail.astate.edu