Welcome to Arkansas State University!

International Ambassadors

Our International Ambassadors are located in offices N222 and N224 of the International Programs Building. Please stop by to get your questions answered or just to say hi!

Ambassadors Can:

Answer questions about campus life as a student
Connect students to various departments and organizations
Assist in communicating by translation (Currently available in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnam)
Sharing experience as international students including how to study and make friends etc.
And much more!

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Linh Phan

Hometown: Quang Binh Province

Home Country: Vietnam

Major: Graphic Design

Language Spoken: Vietnamese and English

Favorite Place on Campus: I enjoy the vibe of our school's Fine Arts Center.  There are a lot of wonderful artworks along the hallways of the building.

Favorite Food on Campus: I highly recommend the bagels at Einstein Bros (inside the HSS building) or the croissants of the Starbucks store as well.

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I am an International Ambassador because I love making new friends and connecting with people.  Besides, I want to help international students with getting over some of their problems when they find the University's environment unfamiliar.

Why I Choose A-State: I chose this school because this state is said to be peaceful and "Nature-Friendly".  Besides, the fees are pretty affordable.


Ryota Shimamoto

Hometown: Fukuoka

Home Country: Japan

Major: Marketing

Languages Spoken: Japanese and English

Why A-State: I wanted to study under the best minds in the country. It also offered the specialization I was seeking, and I wanted to fast track my education. A-state has a large diverse student body. More choices of majors and specializations. I chose A-state since I wanted to maximize y post-college opportunities while still in school. 

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I would love to talk to new international students and help them out in every possible way. It would help me build a traffic network as an ambassador. Also, I can imagine how hard it is for other international students to come to a foreign land where everything is so different, from food, to lifestyle and language.

My Favorite Place on Campus: I would say Wolf Life.


Sankalp Rajkumar Dekate

Hometown: Nagpur

Home Country: India

Major: Computer Science

Languages Spoken: Hindi, English and Marathi

Why A-State: According to my scores in the respective exams as well as the courses available in A-state matched all the requirements needed for me to complete my Graduation from an esteemed univerity.

Why Am I An International Ambassador: I am an international ambassador because I like to communicate with people from all over the world. I like to help people in whichever way possible from my side. I am always excited to listen about things which students tell about their country. Also, I like to share my experience with them so that it can be a little help for those who newly joined the school.

My Favorite Place on Campus: Sodexo Cafeteria for food and Recreation Centre for fun, games and exercise.


Yubin Lim

Hometown: Pyeongtaek

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Languages Spoken: Korean & English

Why A-State: A-state is well known for offering many opportunities for Korean students with affordable tuition, high-quality education, and beneficial environments, which makes me choose A-state.

Favorite Place on Campus: Definitely library. I can see all my friends there! I just feel comfortable being in the library, like my home.

Why I Am An International Ambassador: With various experiences helping international students, I am confident in this position. I am always excited to help others and be friends with them. Everyone is welcome!


Yue Pan

Hometown: Shanghai

Home Country: China

Major: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare administration

Languages Spoken: Mandarin & English

Why I Am An International Ambassador: I am willing to help international students get through their tough times, and it will be an unforgettable experience in my life.  

Favorite place on Campus and why: Library! I have found so many interesting books there and the museum inside is full of fun.

Favorite things about A-State: Nice people, beautiful campus, and Einstein Bros. Bagels!!


Wael Ali Alqahtani

Hometown: Dharan

Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Major: Mechanical Engineer

Language Spoken: Arabic and English

Why A-state: I found A-state has a good education quality besides its location in a small and quiet city, which helps me to focus on my education. 
Why I am an International Ambassador: When I came to A-state in 2015, I found it was challenging to communicate in English, but the friend in the international office who was speaking my language helped me a lot to talk with the office which made my life easier and improved my communication skills so that I want to pay back their help to me and help others.
My favorite place on campus: Library.
My favorite thing to do on campus: Meet my friends and walking on the campus.