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Officers for 2019/2020

  • President: Ziad Wissam El Khatib, Lebanon


    Ziad Wissam El Khatib is a 21 years old junior that is majoring in Business Finance; his future goal after graduation is running his own business that is related to car tuning or anything that is related to cars.

    He is from Lebanon, Beirut but was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. His hobbies include extreme sports such as BMX and skateboarding and has competed in many different events on his BMX in Dubai. He has always been in automotive events such as drag racing, drifting and car meets and also does car photography for his page on Instagram which is (@salts_media), he also likes to do stuff that is very different than most of the people do and got different perspectives than others.

    Being a president for ISA would help him to be included in more events on campus and would like to add more events to be connected with international students and also to show what are we towards the domestic students and let them learn more about the other cultures and interact more.

  • Vice President: Sareena Dangol, Nepal


    Sareena Dangol is a graduate student majoring in Engineering Management. She is someone who believes that the courage to go for anything you feel right at heart will lead to a world of opportunities and she leads her life with the same spirit and open mindset.
    She loves traveling, adventures and has a passion for food. Her dream is to be able to explore the whole world and live life with no regrets. She considers herself a very curious person, so she loves to ask questions and find the meaning behind everything that exists in life.
    As a Vice-President of the International Student Association, she wants to conduct events that can create an impact for all the international and domestic students. She is excited to bring this vision to life along with her amazing team members.

  • Media Coordinator, Yoshika Shibata, Japan


    Yoshika Shibata is an undergraduate student majoring in Multimedia Journalism at Arkansas State University. She is from Kobe, the western part of Japan. This study abroad is the first time for her to come to the United States, so she had countless doubts and fears when she came and started her university life at A-State. Now she can say her college life is super enjoyable so far because she can feel she is involved in A-State.  ISA serves as the central group at A-State which embodies all international students and advises them well. That’s why she is very grateful for being a part of the International Student Association of A-State.

    Her friends told her she is a very kind person and consider others. Being nice to others is her policy and she always want to help people who have some problems and concerns. She tries to cooperate with and help students in matters of common welfare and concern. Also, she has a strong sense of responsibility and she is responsible for what she does and what she says. She’ll do her best with responsibility all the time!

    She is excited to provide many opportunities to be involved in the university more, to volunteer, to build leadership skills, and to make new friends by being a part of the International Student Association on campus. As a media coordinator, she would like to make ISA a more active organization on campus and promote the students to respect their various cultures around the world by communicating with other students well and advertising content for a variety of media platforms.

  • Treasurer, Pearl Kirabo, Uganda


    Pearl Kirabo is a freshman from Uganda majoring in Accounting who loves serving and learning from people. She is excited about being a part of this association because when she joined A-state, she had trouble fitting into the system and understanding her surroundings. She sees the ISA as an opportunity to make sure that international students like herself feel like they belong in the community and are also engaged with fun activities to help them socialize.

    Pearl loves to cook, listen to music and binge watch TV shows. Her favorite TV shows are This is Us and The Bachelors. She is very family oriented and loves seeing everyone around her happy. Pearl also loves to watch jazz bands and listen to 00’s, 90’s and 80’s music. Her favorite girl band was Destiny’s child.

    She is more than delighted to serve and have fun with the international students and better their time at A-state.

  • Secretary, Hye Sun Choi, South Korea


    Hye Sun Choi is a Freshman undergraduate studying Criminology. She came to A-State wanting to step out of her comfort zone and explore opportunities. Choi was born in South Korea, but she spent most of her life in the Philippines. Her goal is to become a diplomat and represent her country.
    As the secretary of ISA 2020, she wishes to help make A-State a comfortable and enjoyable environment for both international and domestic students. She looks forward to and serving the students through ISA and in making ISA an organization that can embrace every Red Wolf.