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Officers for 2018/2019

  • President: Ellen Sara Ito Bing, Canada


    Ellen Sara Ito Bing is an 18 year old-freshman majoring international business marketing; her future goal is running her own hotel business all over the world.

    She grew up in Canada and Japan and also lived in Australia and Fiji; she is extremely blessed to have so many homes all over the world and appreciate her parents to raise her internationally.  She was also an exchange student in San Diego, CA when she was in high school.

    Ellen is a very active member of the student body on campus; she is always participating in activities so that she can meet new members of the A-State community. Currently, being the President of the International Student Association, she coordinates and works with ISA board members to host events that connect domestic students with their international peers as well as promoting cultural awareness among A-State students and local community.

    She loves traveling, playing sports such as tennis, basketball, and surfing, and making new friends. She also loves to join fitness activities such as Yoga and Zumba.

    Hit her up if you want to work out with her because she loves working out, too.

    She is super excited to make a greater ISA with you with her motto “follow your passion; it will lead to your purpose.”

  • Secretary: Hasara Abeygunaratne, Sri Lanka


    Hasara Abeygunaratne is a junior undergraduate student majoring in biotechnology at Arkansas State University. She is from Sri Lanka. As a student who has never stepped out of her home country, she had countless doubts and fears when she started her university life in a foreign country. She says she is extremely grateful for International Student Association of A-State, for providing her with a platform where she felt welcomed and loved from day one. So, she would love to make ISA a more welcoming place for all new international students.

    Hasara is a cheerful girl with creative ideas. One of her main passions is acting in stage plays in which she spent most of her high school life participating in. Some of her hobbies are reading novels, listening to music, playing chess, helping others in need, making new friends and hanging out with them.

    As the new secretary, her primary vision for ISA is to expand the student community by reaching to everyone, including students who have not been involved or who are not aware of ISA. Because she believes that “Every Red Wolf Counts”.

  • Public Relations: Ahmed Alsehali, Saudi Arabia


    Ahmed Alsehali is an undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is currently an active officer member of Global Pack Tracks as a vice president of cultural engagement and International Student Association as a public relation.

    Ahmed is a traveler. Saudi born, his ambition is to travel the world and be a member of the united nation. He has already been volunteering abroad in different countries, wishing to make the world a better place. He has already been in more than 10 countries and will keep going.  There is no sign he will stop anytime soon. He has experienced a lot of diversity through working with the locals in foreign countries. Joining the International Student Association team, he believes that the position of public relation will be a great opportunity to work with active members from different countries. The new position is promised to bring him memorable moments.

    Ahmed’s hobbies are hiking, camping, and kayaking, and sometimes he likes to go beyond his comfort zone.

  • Event Coordinator: Seung Ho Jeon, South Korea


    Seung Ho Jeon is an undergraduate student majoring in finance. Usually called James, he is a man with a different mindset. He sees the world on a different angle, or at least tries to most of the time. You'll know it when you see him. He is from South Korea, but not really a South Korean, in a sense that he didn't live there long. He has spent his life in the Philippines. He enjoys being helpful. 

    Chosen to be an event coordinator of ISA, James is excited to organize coming events for A-State students. He is very used to organizing things and complete his tasks as the way he plans to. He is not only full of fun ideas but also is capable in making his ideas to reality. As an event coordinator of ISA, he would like to make others feel welcome as well.

  • Media Coordinator: Duminduni Hewa Angapplige, Sri Lanka


    Duminduni Hewa Angappulige is an undergraduate student majoring Biotechnology at Arkansas State University.  She is from the Southern part of Sri Lanka. Duminduni’s high school education was at Sujatha Vidyalaya and upraised her character as a Games Captain in 2012. Concomitantly she had been lucky to represent her country for Sports activities as a member of Sri Lanka Schools Netball team in 2011 and 2012 and awarded Sri Lanka School colors for her outstanding commitment as a team. Meanwhile, she won the Excellent Young School Student award considering her excellent performance in academics and extracurricular activities as a high school student. Years later; Duminduni had served as a Brand Ambassador in the Nature beyond the Horizon, the environment society in Horizon Campus, Sri Lanka. As a Brand Ambassador, she has helped to promote many campaigns in regards to making people aware how beautiful mother nature is which was a tremendous inspiration for herself to get involved in more society work.

    Other than playing sports, she likes to spend her time travelling, playing drums, listening to music, drawing and hanging out with friends. Duminduni is a unique, energetic soul who always stays humble and being loyal to what she is passionate about. Her ultimate goal for ISA is to promote friendship among international students and make them respect the beauty of various cultures around the world.