Welcome to Arkansas State University!

If you are sponsored by your home government, U.S. governmental agency or through a partnership agreement; YOU must provide your Financial Guarantee to the Sponsored Student Coordinator by the following dates to receive sponsored student benefits: 

  • Deadline for FG for incoming Summer students is June 15.
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Fall students is September 15.
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Mid-Fall students is November 15.
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Spring students is February 15. 
  • Deadline for FG for incoming Mid-Spring students is April 15.


Why is my Admissions Only Letter not sufficient?

  • Admissions Only Letters merely serve as an indicator that you will be sponsored by your government; however, it does not serve as proof that your sponsor will provide the financial means to cover your necessary costs.

How do I obtain my Financial Guarantee (FG)?

  • Contact your sponsoring advisor to request that it be emailed to Kimberly Winters at kwinters@astate.edu.

  • It is NOT the responsibility of any other department to submit it to the Sponsored Student Coordinator. 

When will I be reimbursed by ASU?

  • ASU will be able to reimburse you after ASU receives the payment from your sponsor.

  • When you present your FG to Kimberly, ASU will send an invoice to the Financial Department at your sponsorship who will mail payment to ASU for your account.

  • Once you see a credit post to your account, you should expect to wait at least 21 business days before hearing anything from Student Accounts Services.

How will ASU reimburse me?

  • Once you see a credit post to your account, you can expect reimbursement.

  • ASU will reimburse you by whatever means of payment you initially used: check, cash, and credit card or debit card.

Why do I have ASU Health Insurance when my sponsor provides me with their own health insurance?How can my ASU Health Insurance charge be removed?

  • It is placed on your account as a safeguard to insure that in no matter the circumstance, the student will have some form of health insurance.

  • The FG is the document that states that you have comprehensive medical insurance coverage. 

How can my ASU Health Insurance charge be removed?

  • In order to not be charged for ASU insurance, it is mandatory for you to provide your Financial Guarantee by the deadlines stated above.

  • If a FG is not received by the above specified deadline the health insurance will remain in your student account.