Welcome to Arkansas State University!


  • Students are NOT eligible to work on-campus in their first semester unless the director, department chair, or advisor writes a letter stating why they are in need of employment in their first semester.
  • Students are only eligible to work in designated “student worker positions” (not federal work study positions) up to 20 hours per week while school is in session, and 28 hours per week during official school breaks which includes the summer terms. Students are only eligible to work in the summer for 28 hours per week if they have been at ASU for one academic year and are not enrolled in class.
  • ESL students cannot work on or off-campus.
  • Students can find on-campus employment either through Career Services or walking to individual departments to ask. There is no specific site that has all open jobs.
  • The Office of International Programs does not keep listings of open on-campus positions. Any open positions that are submitted to the Office of International Programs will be sent to students through their ASU email.


A student will require specific documents to take with them to the Social Security Administration in order to apply for a Social Security Card. Students cannot apply for a Social Security card until they have been in the US for 10 days.

The student must follow this list in order:

  1. Must receive an original letter from the employer (department chair or director). The student will first need to give the original letter to the Office of International Programs. The OIP staff will need this letter to complete step 2. The letter must state what type of work you will do, your job title, how many hours a week you will work and be on official school letterhead, be signed, and dated
  2. The OIP will issue you a letter that states your legal status and ability to work.
  3. You will need to bring the most current I-20 (the one for active status) to the Social Security Administration. The I-20 you first entered the US on is not the most current I-20 as that I-20 is for initial status.
  4. You will need to bring to the Social Security Administration your passport, US visa, and I-94 Arrival/ Departure card.
  5. The address of the Social Security Administration is: 1809 LaTourette Dr., Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404. The Jonesboro Jet Bus service does pick-up and drop-off at this location. You may find more information with the links to the right.