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International Health Insurance

2013 - 2014 Health Insurance Policy

International students are required by the US government to have health insurance. Students are required to enroll in Health Insurance provided through ASU. The cost of the insurance is charged to the student's account and can be paid through the cashier's window like tuition and fees. Students will be enrolled 1 month prior to the start of the first semester. The health insurance does not cover students in their home country. Therefore students can choose to have a second policy but they are still required to purchase insurance through ASU.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to have ASU’s insurance policy?

Yes, all international students are required to have insurance through Trawick. This was a policy set by the Board of Trustees (BOT) which is the governing board of the university.

What insurance company does ASU go through?

ASU uses Trawick International’s Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan for international students. If you would like to get a brochure you can pick one up from the Office of International Programs or you can download it from their website

How do I get my insurance card?

Steps to Getting Your Insurance Card:

  1. Go to www.studentinsure.com/asu
  2. Click on Member Services
  3. Click on Get ID Card
  4. In the Secondary Search Box fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth (DOB). Your DOB needs to be in the following format MM/DD/YYYY (m-month, d-day, y-year). For example, if your birthday is January 2, 1983 the format should be 01/02/1983.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Click Print ID Card.
How do I get my insurance card if I am an athlete? 

Steps to getting your Insurance Card 
1. Go to www.studentinsure.com/asuath 
2. Click Member Services 
3. Click on Get ID Card 4. In the Secondary Search Box fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth (DOB). Your DOB needs to be in the following format MM/DD/YYYY (m-month, d-day, y-year). ). For example, if your birthday is January 2, 1983 the format should be 01/02/1983. 
5. Click Search 
6. Click Print ID Card
How do I use my insurance card?

When you are sick and go to a health clinic, hospital, or seek any medical treatment you need to take a copy of your insurance card. It may be best to print off an extra copy of your insurance card when you go to the doctor. This way you can give them a copy of your health insurance information. They can keep the copy you provided them with in your medical file and file the claim without sending you a bill first.

How does the insurance company know how to contact me?

Keep your information current.  All of you will have to follow the steps below to update your information. You will not be able to receive the information you will need without updating your information.

  1. Go to www.studentinsure.com/asu
  2. Click Member Services
  3. Click Update Member Info
  4. Follow information listed
Where in the U.S. can I use my insurance?

To locate a provider you can do so in one of three ways:


How do I enroll in the insurance if I am an F1 student?

Students are enrolled with Trawick based on their enrollment in courses at ASU. This is done every semester. Students do not need to ask to be enrolled. If you are wanting to add a dependent, please see “How do I add my dependents to my insurance policy?”

How do I enroll in the insurance if I am a J1 scholar?

To enroll in the insurance you will need to email OIP your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, US Mailing Address, Phone Number (if you have a valid US phone number), E-Mail Address (the email address you use most often), and along with your arrival date to the US. This needs to be emailed to the OIP at the beginning of every August and January.

How do I add my dependents to my insurance policy?

To add a dependent to your insurance you will need to email OIP. The following information is needed for dependents: First Name of Dependent, Last Name of Dependent, Dependent’s Date of Birth, Your Current US Mailing Address, Your Phone Number (if you have a valid US phone number), E-Mail Address (the email address you use most often)

How long is my insurance valid?

We are required to insure all international students for the duration of their studies at ASU. The insurance company can only enroll students based on their class registration. If you are not enrolled in classes at ASU during the fall/spring semester you cannot be enrolled in the insurance. Summers are the only exception to this rule. If you were enrolled with the insurance company during the spring semester you are automatically enrolled for summer. You are charged for insurance based on 6 month insurance enrollments. These enrollments are August to February and February to August. If you transfer from ASU to another school your insurance is no longer valid because you are no longer enrolled in courses at ASU.


How much does insurance cost?

Insurance is $95 a month and is based on 6 month enrollments. Your student account will be charged each semester in the amount of $570, you will not be charged insurance during the summer semester – unless the summer session is your first semester at ASU.  As an athlete you will be charged $111 per month for 6 months.  this means your student account will be charged in the amount of $666 per semester.

How do I pay for my insurance?

Since insurance is based on your enrollment in courses at ASU, all insurance charges will appear on your Self-Service student account.

How much do I pay if I go to a doctor?

Students need to pay a $50 deductible when visiting a clinic, doctor, or hospital. If you go to the same clinic, doctor, or hospital for the same reoccurring issue you should not have to pay the $50 every time. However, if it has been longer than 90 days between each time you will be asked to pay the $50 deductible again. If you go to a clinic, doctor, or hospital several times for different issues each time you will be asked to pay the $50 deductible every time.

What do I pay if I go to the Student Health Center (SHC)?

The Student Health Center offers their services at a discounted rate and they do not take insurance of any kind. They may ask you for your insurance information to keep in your medical records. Each student is responsible to pay for any treatment or visits to the SHC. All charges will be applied to your student account.


What is covered through Trawick International?

Please look at page 7 of the insurance brochure to know more about what is covered: Health Insurance Brochure for International Students

What about my eyes and teeth?

Eyes and teeth are not covered under the insurance unless you are involved in an accident that causes injury to eyes/teeth. For more information please take a look at the insurance brochure: Health Insurance Brochure for International Students. Students are allowed to purchase their own dental insurance as well as insurance for your eyes.

Are prescription drugs covered?

First, make sure you take your insurance card with you to pick up your medication. If for some reason the pharmacy does not accept the card you can file a claim. To file a claim with the insurance company for your prescription drugs you will need to keep the original packaging and all receipts that are stapled to the prescription packaging. Fill out the form that is linked here: Prescription Reimbursement Form and bring all of the receipts and packaging. OIP, the Administrative Assistant, will make copies of each receipt and corresponding information and fax a copy of them along with the Prescription Reimbursement Form to Trawick’s claim center. Trawick will contact students directly in regards to claims. In order for them to contact you about pending claims you will need to see the section labeled: How does the insurance company know how to contact me?

Are maternity expenses covered?

Yes, maternity expenses are covered 100% up to the policy max of $100,000. A $50 deductible still applies to your initial doctor’s visits.

Preexisting conditions

The “Pre-existing Condition Waiting Period” is 12 months. If an Insured receives treatment or service for a Pre-Existing Condition: The insurance company will not pay benefits for such condition until the day after a 12 consecutive month period has passed from the Insured’s effective date; and o The insurance company will pay only for Covered Expenses incurred after such 12 consecutive month period. o The Pre-existing Condition Waiting Period will be reduced by the aggregate period of credible coverage of the Insured if the Credible Coverage was continuous to a date not more than 63 days before the Effective Date of coverage


How long do I have to file a claim with the insurance company?

You only have 90 days from the day you visited the clinic, doctor, or hospital. If you did not take your insurance card with you to the clinic, doctor, or hospital you have 90 days to take your insurance card to them or you can file a claim with Trawick using the bill that was sent to you. The OIP will assist you in filing a claim.

What do I do if I get a bill? Or The doctor says I owe them money?

If you get a bill the first thing you should do is read over the bill or statement. Look for a line that says “Your claim has been filed with GBG Insurance,” if you see this you need to wait until you are contacted by the insurance company. If there is nothing on the bill/statement saying a claim has been filed for you, you will need to take your insurance card to the billing department for the clinic, doctor, or hospital and ask them if there is
anything further you need to do.