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J-1 students are able to complete a period of academic training (paid or unpaid) either during their program of study or after their program of study. If a J-1 student does his/her academic training after his/her program of study, he/she must start the academic training 30 days or less from the end of the program of study. The end of the program of study is defined as the last day of finals, not necessarily the end date listed on the DS-2019 form. In addition:

  1. The student must be in a field of study at Arkansas State University as the primary basis for being in the US.
  2. The type of work done on academic training must be specifically related to their program of study listed on the DS-2019 form.
  3. The student must be in good academic and legal standing.
  4. The student’s current DS-2019 form must be valid up until the end date of the academic training. If a student needs to do an extension of his/her DS-2019, the student must be approved for academic training by the Responsible Officer at A-State, and provide a new financial guarantee. The extension must be done before the current DS-2019 end date.
  5. The student must receive written permission from the academic advisor and Responsible Officer at A-State to do academic training.
  6. The amount of time the student does academic training can not be more than the amount of time the student has studied at Arkansas State University.

To apply for academic training, J-1 students must:

  1. The student and the academic advisor must complete the “Request for Academic Training".
  2. Receive a letter from the site of academic training. 

    The letter must include:
    • The specific information regarding the type of work the student will do
    • The name of the supervisor, the email address, telephone number, and physical address of the supervisor
    • The amount of hours the student will work
    • The dates of employment
  1. The Responsible Officer in the International Officer must make a written recommendation to approve academic training based on the Academic Training Form from the academic advisor.
  2. Academic training must be approved in SEVIS and the student will receive a new DS-2019.