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A J-1 scholar is any researcher, professor, or scholar who will come to A-State on a temporary basis. The scholar cannot be hired in a tenured position and may only work in positions related to their educational background. 

Please read the information below before completing the Preliminary Data Sheet I

There are several factors a department should consider before bringing a J-1 scholar to A-State.

  1. The department will be responsible to ensure the researcher/short-term scholar does what is stated he/she will would do while on campus and assist with the non-immigration needs of the individual. 
  2. The department will need to determine the needs of the individual, and whether or not those needs can be met.  This may include:
    • Access to classroom facilities associated with the research, time with faculty, access to materials, etc…
    • Office space, office supplies, etc…
    • On-campus/off-campus housing,
    • Access to library, gym, and other offices on campus
    • Transportation to and from the airport and transportation within Jonesboro

While the department is not responsible to provide everything, it would need to be made known to the researcher/ short-term scholar what A-State can and cannot provide and the researcher/ short-term scholar must accept this before arriving to avoid any issues that can affect the University.

Once the department determines the need of the researcher/ short-term scholar, and what A-State can or cannot provide, ALL this information should be stated in the official offer letter.  In addition, the letter:

  • Must be an original hard-copy and signed by the Department Chair
  • Must include the specific dates the researcher/ short-term scholar will be on campus
  • Should state the purpose of the visit
  • Must include a statement that the offer is contingent upon successful completion of immigration and university documents.  This way the letter can be submitted to the researcher, even if all immigration and university documents have not been completed. 

The department needs to complete the Preliminary Data Sheet I 

The department will also need to make sure that the researcher/short-term scholar completes the Preliminary Data Sheet II