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Reporting to A-State

Students must properly report to A-State by arriving in Jonesboro, AR and allowing Office of International Student Services to make documentation of their immigration documents that include: Form I-20, Acceptance Letter, Passport, VISA, I-94.  

US address

International students are required by the Department of Homeland Security to submit their US address during New Student Orientation, and within 10 days after any additional change of address to the Office of International Student Services. 

The Address can be updated on MyCampus, by updating the "International Local" address.

I-20 Changes

International students are required to have accurate information on their I-20 at all times. Students must become familiar with all information listed on your I-20, and keep the Office of International Student Services informed of changes or inaccuracies.

  • Information that may be subject to change include program of study and program end date. Such changes must be reported to the Office of International Student Services immediately. A new I-20 will then be issued.



International students must make sure their passport is valid at all times. Students who need to renew their passport in the United States must contact their consulate either in the US or in their home country.


International students must ensure at all times that their I-20 is valid and that the program end date listed is valid.

  • If international students require more time to complete their program of study, they must apply for an extension.
  • This process must be done before the program end date on the I-20, otherwise the student will be terminated.

This is a white card, or electronic documents issues when entering the United States.

  • This card determines the visa category an international student entered the US with, and it is also used to record when an international student enters and exits the US.
  • To retrieve your I-94 number or electronic card visit the I-94 Retrieval Website.
Visa (Stamped in Passport)

The stamped visa in the passport is used for entry into the United States.

  • International students can stay in the US on an expired visa. However, the visa must be valid when an international student reenters the United States from a trip abroad.
  • Visas can be renewed at a US embassy.