Welcome to Arkansas State University!

There are two options available for the shipping of your documents.


  1. Send by express mail. We use EshipGlobal, a dependable and safe mail service for receiving your documents from our university. You receive the instructions on how to create and pay for a shipping label once we email you that the I20 or DS2019 has been created. Once we receive notification a label has been created, we will ship the package out the same day. Below are instructions on how to create the shipping label:


     1.  Please visit: https://study.eshipglobal.com/
     2.  Create your account.
     3.  You will then get an email to activate your account.
     4.  Once you have activated your account, log-in again to
          to create a label.  You will create a label for Arkansas
          State University-Main Campus.
     5.  Once the shipping label is complete, A-State International
          Student Services will get a notification to print the label and
          ship the documents out.
     6.  You can track your package by logging into the E-Ship website.


  1. Send by regular mail. If you do not wish to pay with your credit card to have your documents sent to you via EshipGlobal, you can also request them to be sent to you via regular mail. Please note, overseas mail may take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you choose this method, please respond to the email regarding your I20 being ready that you would like them sent regular mail and provide your mailing address.