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Packing Information


Suggestions for Packing:

Students at Arkansas State University usually dress casually and comfortably.  Many of the students wear jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and tennis shoes, but other students will wear more formal outfits.  There are no rules regarding dress at A-State.  There may be some occasions where you will need to be in more formal attire, men in a suit and tie and women in business formal or general formal, especially for class presentations or special events.  These special events include the Valentine’s Prom hosted by International Student Services, as well as other campus-wide events.  There are also times where traditional, cultural dress from your home country can be worn as well, such as Global Cultural Night.  So if there is some room in your suitcase, you can bring some traditional clothing.

Knowing what to pack is always a problem, as the weather in Jonesboro will range from freezing (less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius) to hot (around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 38 degrees Celsius).  We suggest waiting until you arrive to buy many toiletry items as they are readily available in Jonesboro.  When you are packing ask yourself two questions: Will I need this item? and Can I get this item in Jonesboro?  If you aren’t sure about a specific item, you can contact us to find out if you will have access to that item here.  You can bring your camera, and you may even want to bring pictures or souvenirs from your home country to share with friends here.

A-State has a bookstore on campus that will provide you with all of your textbooks for classes, so you do not need to worry about brining too many books with you.  The library on campus also has over 600,000 holdings, so they have plenty of resources for you as well.  However, if there are any degree specific tools, such as a calculator or art supplies, that you are accustomed to using, you may want to bring those items with you as well.


Clearly label your bags with your name and address, both on the inside and the outside of the bag.  You will also want to check with the airline about weight and bag limits to ensure that you can avoid paying additional fees for excess baggage.

Warm Clothes:

As it does get quite cold here, you will want some warm clothes.  However, as those items can be bulky, you may want to wait to buy some pieces until you arrive in Jonesboro.


Good walking shoes will be a must while you are at A-State, as campus is somewhat spread out.  Good shoes can range from $50-100 to purchase here.

Umbrella and Rain Jacket: 

While we recommend these items, you can purchase them once you arrive in Jonesboro.

Formal Attire:

Bringing some formal wear, like a suit, might not be a bad idea, although a lot of potential uses will vary based upon your major and your level of study.  At minimum, we would recommend bringing at least one dress shirt and tie for class presentations or interviews.


We recommend bringing a few days worth of these items, but there will be a shopping shuttle to take you to stores to buy larger quantities of these items during Orientation Week, and every week of the semester.

Electrical Appliances: 

The voltage used in the United States is 110V, so make sure to check your devices for compatibility.

Items of Interest: 

Bringing a few items, such as pictures or small items, to show to friends will be great conversation pieces to allow you to share about your culture and your home country.

Cultural/Traditional Attire:

There are some international events where wearing clothing special to your country is accepted, and even encouraged.  Our School of Business also does an International Exhibition every year, and they love our international students getting involved in the event and showing the American students more about their home country, including the traditional dress.

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