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Temporary TimeClock Plus Suspension

Guidelines to Remember during this Window

  • Essential non-exempt employees who are still working on campus need to clock hours via TimeClock Plus.
  • Non-exempt employees working remotely will need to track the time via the new weekly log sheets.
    • Retain each weekly form to print out and turn into your supervisor when this period of remote work concludes.
    • If you record time in excess of 40 hours, report that on your weekly form and turn it in that week. Do not wait until the resumption of on-campus work to report any overtime week.
  • As a reminder the regular work hours for non-exempt employees are 8 hours per day.
  • Overtime work is not permitted except where requested, in writing, by a non-exempt employee’s supervisor.
  • Voluntarily arriving at the work location before, or remaining at the work location after the Non-Exempt Employee’s regular work hours will not be compensated, and the non-exempt employee is prohibited from performing any work functions during that time.
  • Unreported, or “off the clock”, time is prohibited, and shall be treated as a fraudulent certification of time.
  • Unauthorized overtime or unreported work time may result in disciplinary action being taken against the Non-Exempt Employee.