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Extra Help/Part-Time Positions

The process for hiring non-benefited extra-help such as part-time, temporary classified and non-classified positions, and adjunct faculty positions are outlined below in a step-by-step format.  Please review this document to know the important information needed to complete the process. 

If you have any questions regarding the online system or hiring processes, please contact the Human Resources office at 972-3454.

Department Recruits and Selects Individual for Part-Time Position

  1. Department searches for part-time employee through department contacts, student contacts, media, or Career Services Center.
  2. Department determines individual to hire.
  3. Department reviews candidate with Dean/Director and VP/VC for approval.
  4. If individual is international then department works with candidate and International Faculty/Staff representative to determine employment eligibility.
  5. Once employment eligibility is confirmed, the department offers the position contingent upon a valid background check to individual.
  6. Department submits a Request for Background Check to HR.
  7. Once background check is cleared, the department provides individual with tax packet to be completed and returned to Human Resources.
  8. Department completes a Request to Establish Adjunct Account and faxes it to Diane Lee in Human Resources.

Department Initiates Assignment Change Form

  1. The Hiring Department completes the Assignment Change form to verify payment of new employee.
  2. Assignment Change form is submitted through appropriate channels to include the Dean/Director, VP/VC, Sponsored Programs Accounting, International Faculty/Staff approval, Budget and Human Resources as required.
  3. Assignment Change form is received in Human Resources and matched with employment verification documents including I9, tax withholding documents and background check.
  4. Assignment Change form is then utilized for input of payment into the payroll system by Human Resources.

 Revised on 03/26/14.