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Miscellaneous Benefits

Athletic Events

All A-State employees may purchase season football and basketball tickets for themselves and their immediate family at a reduced rate. A free lifetime pass to athletic events is available for the employee upon retirement.

Bookstore Purchases

Employees with an A-State ID card will receive a 25% discount on all merchandise and used textbooks (excluding sale items, computer software and hardware). Employees receive a 10% discount on all new textbooks.

The A-State Bookstore is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union and may be contacted at 870-972-2058 or online.

Catastrophic Leave Bank

After completing two years of service, employees become eligible for the Catastrophic Leave Bank. Employees may elect to donate to the Catastrophic Leave Bank after completing two years of service and may donate hours in increments of 8 up to a maximum of 80 hours. Employees who have 80 hours of vacation and/or sick leave in the system at the onset of an illness or injury and have completed the two years of service may apply for Catastrophic Leave to supplement their income while they are on leave from the University.

Please review the Catastrophic Leave Bank brochure for more information.

Child Education Leave

Employees are allowed the opportunity to participate in their children's educational activities by granting (8) hours of children's educational activity leave per calendar year.

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In the event of termination of employment or a qualifying event that ends dependent coverage, continuation of coverage may be elected by notifying Cobra-Serv at (800-488-8757). Also upon termination of coverage, at your request, we will issue a Certificate of Credible Coverage to present to future employers as proof of your coverage under this plan.

Credit Union

All employees of Arkansas State are eligible to join Northeast Arkansas Federal Credit Union. Contact the Credit Union Office for more information at (870) 935-9336 or visit their site at http://www.neafcu.org

Direct Deposit

All new employees eligible for benefits must direct deposit their payroll check. If an employee chooses not to participate in direct deposit they must complete the hardship exemption request form to request payment by check. Direct deposit may be established and maintained by the employee in Employee Self Service accessible in myCampus.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) provides time off for employees to care for family members or due to their own illness. To be eligible, employees must have been employed by Arkansas State University for a total of 12 months and have worked a total of 1,250 hours in the past 12 months.

The FMLA entitles eligible employees to a total of 12 work weeks of leave during any 12-month period for one of the following reasons:

  • The birth of a child, and to care for the newborn child;
  • The placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care
  • The care of the employee's spouse, child, or parent for a serious health condition; or
  • A serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the functions of the employee's job.

At the beginning of 2008, the President signed into law permission for an employee to take up to 26 workweeks of leave to care for a member of the National Guard or Reserves, who is undergoing medical treatment, recuperating from a medical procedure, therapy, other outpatient status, or is otherwise on the temporary disability retired list for a sickness or illness. The 12-month period used by Arkansas State University for determining eligibility is a rolling year forward, with the 12-month period beginning the first day of FMLA leave usage. (For example, if an employee begins leave for surgery on April 10 of 2008, the 12-month period begins on April 10, 2008 and ends on April 9, 2009.)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Fill out the Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities* >>

Also, complete one of the following:
Certification for Employee, Employee's Family, Qualifying Exigency for Military Family LeaveCovered Service member for Military Family Leave

ID Card

All employees must be issued an Identification Card from the Campus Card Center located in the Student Union. Upon termination, the ID card must be returned to the supervisor before the last payroll check will be released.

Parking Permit

All students, faculty and staff members who park a vehicle on the A-State campus are required to display a parking permit as instructed in the Parking and Motor Vehicle Regulations.

Each vehicle which does not display the parking permit in the proper manner will be considered in violation of the rules and subject to fine. All visitors on campus must park in designated visitor parking or in a paid metered or garage space.

View parking permit payroll deduction FAQs >>
View information on Tax-Free Transportation >>

Tuition Discount

Arkansas State University regular, full time employees, retired employees, their spouses and their unmarried dependent children (dependent children must be 23 years of age or less, unmarried, living at home or in a residence hall, and must be an identified dependent for IRS tax purposes on the annual tax form, or some other form of dependency documentation, such as divorce decree) may enroll for undergraduate studies for credit or for audit on a space-available basis at a 75% discount of tuition. For graduate level studies, these persons are eligible for a waiver of one-half tuition. Persons who receive the tuition discount will have any university-sponsored scholarships adjusted accordingly. Persons who choose to accept a full-fee grant-in-aid or assistantship will be charged the regular tuition. Dependent tuition discounts will continue to be available after the death of a current full-time employee or retiree of the university. Not all courses are offered at discounted tuition rates. These programs of study are listed in Board Resolutions 11-49 and 13-05.

Employees may take one course during regular working hours with supervisor approval. The application form must be completed and approved prior to the beginning of the course. Contact Human Resources for additional information.

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Vacation and Sick Leave

Classified employees accrue vacation leave according to years of employment, and eight (8) hours of sick leave for each complete month of service.

Years of Employment Accrue Monthly Accrue Annually
1 through 3 years 1 day 12 days
3 through 5 years 1 day, 2 hours 15 days
5 through 12 years 1 day, 4 hours 18 days
12 through 20 years 1 day, 6 hours 21 days
Over 20 years 1 day, 7 hours 22.5 days

Contract twelve-month employees accrue 22.5 days of vacation annually and eight hours of sick leave per month. Faculty accrue eight hours of sick leave per month based upon the contract period.