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Self-Study Committees

Self-Study Steering Committee

The Self-Study Steering Committee is charged with the task of providing leadership for the Arkansas State University-Jonesboro campus community in the self-study process for reaffirmation of continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission in 2012-2013.

The role of the steering committee in the self-study process will be to:

  1. provide representation for the various constituency groups of the campus community
  2. promote interest and involvement in the self-study process throughout all constituencies of the campus community
  3. ensure that the five criteria for accreditation are appropriately addressed by the criterion subcommittees to support the production of a self-study report that is based on an evaluative format inclusive of argument and evidence; current issues, challenges and accomplishments; appropriate institutional change request(s); and areas of consultation
  4. carry out the self-study process with efficiency and integrity to warrant its general acceptance by the campus constituencies
  5. assist with the integration of the findings of the self-study with ongoing University assessment and planning so that the self-study process will have lasting significance on the institution
  6. serve as the primary resource group during the Higher Learning Commission site visit

Committee Membership

  • Julie Isaacson, Co-Chair, Nursing and Health Professions
  • Lynita Cooksey, Co-Chair, Academic Affairs & Research
  • Lonnie Williams, Student Affairs
  • Bill Smith, Advancement
  • John Pratte, Sciences & Math
  • Osa Amienyi, Communications
  • Cherisse Jones-Branch, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Thilla Sivakumaran, Education
  • Jim Washam, Business
  • Kathryn Jones, Academic Affairs & Research
  • Russ Hannah, Finance & Administration
  • Beverly Boals Gilbert, Continuing Education and Community Outreach
  • Phillip Ladd, Staff Senate
  • D'Andre Anderson, Student Government Association
  • Josie Welsh, Assessment
  • Mark Young, Community Representative
  • Graduate Student - Student representation varied throughout the self-study process
  • Undergraduate Student - Student representation varied throughout the self-study process