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Arkansas State University prides itself with offering it employees opportunities to expand their personal and professional development through offering right here on campus. It is the university's goal to provide all employees with access to meaningful and desirable educational opportunities for future growth potential and knowledge.

Departments that offer Professional Development Programs

The university provides its employees a wide variety of professional development opportunities from a number of departments and activities. Listed below are descriptions of a few university units that offer professional development and training. Some of the key training providers on the campus that provide training you may want or need to complete are listed below:

Human Resources (HR)

An objective of Human Resources is to provide programs which orient, train, and develop the employees of the university by improving the skills, knowledge, abilities, and competencies necessary for individual and organizational efficiency and productivity as well as personal career growth.

The Interactive Teaching and Technology Center (ITTC)

The Interactive Teaching and Technology Center (ITTC) is a university-wide unit dedicated to enhancing education primarily of the Faculty at Arkansas State University. ITTC’s  purpose is to provide faculty with the professional development, training, and resources they need to excel as educators, researchers, and professionals.  

Environmental Health & Safety

The mission of our department is to provide leadership in the areas of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) ensuring compliance by continually improving health and safety policies and procedures that assure protection of the environment, employees, students, public and university property. Courses range from blood borne pathogens to hazardous waste to chemical safety.

Affirmative Action

The Office of Affirmative Action is charged with the responsibility to oversee the University's compliance efforts with state and federal laws surrounding Affirmative Action, Non-Discrimination, and Equal Opportunity and campus-wide initiatives aimed at creating a diverse, welcoming and equitable campus. Title IX, Sexual Misconduct, etc.

Information and Technology Services

Information Technology Services is committed to providing current, stable, and reliable technology solutions and services. Through an active partnership with the university community, we creatively and effectively deliver information that people need. Courses to learn software programs, computing, and database management.

Business Services & Risk Management

The mission of the Department of Business Services & Risk Management is to protect Arkansas State University from financial, physical and employee losses, so that the university may pursue its mission.

Sponsored Programs Accounting (ABI)

There are numerous training topics available through Sponsored Programs Accounting. Please check out the link below for descriptions of current offerings. 

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