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Workers' Compensation

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Workers’ Compensation Governing Principles


The University seeks to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, while containing cost. Therefore, the University will promptly provide medical services for an injured employee in connection with the injury received. The following are the University procedures for filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim.


1. Employees are required to notify their direct supervisor immediately following a workplace injury or illness arising out of and in the course of their employment.  If the employee must leave work to seek medical treatment, no leave time will be charged to the employee the day of the injury per the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated #099.09, and Arkansas Code A.C.A. 11-9-501(a).  

2. If medical treatment is needed, the injured employee is required to contact the Company Nurse Injury Hotline at 1-855-339-1893 to report and document the injury.  The employee will be directed to the appropriate medical care facility by the Company Nurse representative.  If no medical treatment is needed at the time of the injury, no call is necessary, the employee shall complete the online form, (link), print, sign, and deliver it.

3. The Supervisor is required to call the Company Nurse Injury Hotline, if the employee is unable. If the situation is an emergency or life-threatening, seek medical care first.  Then, the supervisor should make the call to report the injury.  

4. All minor work related injuries can be treated with First Aid Kits found in the respective department.  If medical care is needed, the Company Nurse Injury Hotline will direct care to the Student Health Center at 333 Stadium Blvd. - B, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Occupational Health Partners, 4334 E. Highland Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72401, (870) 802-0012, or St. Bernard’s Medical Center ER, 225 East Matthews, Jonesboro, AR 72401 or NEA Baptist Hospital ER, 4800 East Johnson Avenue, Jonesboro, AR 72401, (870) 936-1114 for treatment, as needed.  The Employer (Arkansas State University) will choose the initial treating physician.  Copies of all paperwork are to be delivered to Environmental Health & Safety. 

5. The Employer (Arkansas State University) will establish a primary pharmacy for all Workers' Compensation injuries that require a disbursement of medications.  All employees with work related injuries should take their prescriptions to:  Soo’s Drug & Compounding Center, 2822 East Nettleton Avenue, Jonesboro, AR 72401, (870) 932-6930.  

6. All paperwork associated with the employee’s claim for injury (doctor's reports, return to work slips, referrals to specialty physicians, etc.) must be submitted to the Environmental Health & Safety Department within 48 hours.

7. All employees will use accrued leave time (sick, vacation, compensatory time) for any work time missed during the first seven (7) calendar days.  Total Temporary Disability (TTD) benefits will begin on the eighth day at a rate of 66 2/3% of the employee’s weekly salary. On calendar day fifteen (15), TTD will go back and pick up the first seven calendar days at the 66 2/3% rate. 

8. All doctor appointments, pain management treatments, physical therapy, etc. during normal work hours will require the employee to use accrued leave time (sick, vacation, compensatory time) as these times are not covered under Total Temporary Disability (TTD) benefits.  TTD only covers full days off work while under a doctor’s order.  (Any unexcused absence from work without accrued time to cover it, will be dealt with as a personnel issue.)    

9. All individuals handling the processing of workers’ compensation claims (supervisors, department heads, clerks, etc) will be required to complete training on the completion of all forms and procedures related to Workers' Compensation. 

10. Employees making false claims, representation or statements for the purpose of obtaining workers' compensation coverage will be guilty of a Class D felony, punishable with up to 6 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. 

11. The provisions of these procedures are designed to comply with the rules and regulations of the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission.