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Diversity Mission & Vision

A-State aspires to be known by our commitment to diversity as evidenced by our inclusive work and learning environment, our acceptance of differences as positive and enriching, and our ability to attract, retain, and advance a diverse faculty, staff, and study body. Our actions are guided by the following Core Diversity Areas (DCAs):

Build new institutional diversity infrastructure

  • Conduct a diversity climate survey to determine institutional priorities
  • Establish a diversity council and affinity groups to provide opportunity for interaction and “free” expression
  • Establishing procedures for requesting Diversity Office funds

Enhance structural diversity, equity, and success

  • Institute a formal succession planning process to identify and prepare high-performing faculty to take on leadership roles (e.g., chairs, deans, etc.)
  • Ensure faculty have the necessary KSAOs to move into upper level positions
  • Work with student groups to ensure underrepresented students are on par with majority students regarding recruitment, retention, and graduation rates

Inform the search process

  • Participate in various stages of the search process (e.g., reviewing applicant and interview pools) to ensure fairness and consistency
  • Train faculty who serve on search committees on the search process and matters of diversity
  • Develop a list of recommended recruiting sources to ensure a diverse applicant pool

Cultivate diversity awareness, recognition, and appreciation

  • Initiate campus-wide diversity training
  • Elevate diversity competence as one the faculty pillars of excellence

Interface with institutional accountability systems

  • Advocate for diversity achievements in performance review process
  • Outline diversity actions in annual reports
  • Establish key employment ratios

Infuse diversity into the curricula

  • Work with faculty to build “touchpoints” for diversity into courses that may not have a traditional diversity focus
  • Offer relational training to all students

Source: Core diversity areas adapted from Williams, D.A., & Wade-Golden, K.C. (2007). The Chief Diversity Officer: A Primer for College and University Presidents. Washington, DC: American Council on Education.