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Online Accommodation Request Form

Students enrolled in online, academic partnership, and/or distance learning courses may use the Online Accommodation Request form to request that Disability Services (DS) notify their instructors of requested academic adjustments. Please submit requests in a timely manner to be assured of receiving appropriate accommodations.  A Disability Services Counselor will contact you after receiving your Online Accommodations Request form. 

Students are encouraged to complete the registration process with Disability Services before completing the Online Accommodation Request form.  The online form must be completed each semester in which accommodations are requested. 

The registration and academic accommodation process:

► Complete and mail Disability Services Registration form one time.

► Engage in the intake process with your DS Counselor via telephone, email and/or person-to-person contact.

► Complete the Online Accommodation Request form and submit to DS.  Each semester students must submit a request for online accommodations.  

► Email DS counselor a copy of each syllabus for courses in which you are requesting accommodations.

► Email faculty members to confirm recommended accommodations and details of the implementation (sample letter attached).