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Our vision is one of diversity. Our goals are to focus on education for African-American students, the collection and research of the history of the Judd Hill Plantation, the development of the Judd Hill Museum and the restoration and upkeep of both African-American cemeteries. These cemeteries are extremely important because they are now the only link we have left of the African-American sharecropping life on the plantation. We also hope to continue brining back Judd Hill descendants through our bi-yearly reunions.

Our motto "Empowering Our Youth with Opportunity" is why the Judd Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. was established. Our ancestors who were sharecroppers and day laborers with little or no education knew education would be the only way for a better life for their offspring. Education for children on the plantation was taught at the two room church/school on the Judd Hill Plantation, and children first through eighth grade attended. The Judd Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. has given yearly scholarships to graduating Trumann High School African-American students since it inception in 1995.