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About Delta Studies

History of Delta Studies

In 1994 by Board of Trustees' Resolution 94-103 Arkansas State University created the Delta Studies Center. You may read the board resolution and newspaper articles regarding construction through 1994-1996. The Delta Studies Center operated as a component of Academic Affairs, with a university-wide advisory committee from 1998 through 2000 and is now a part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences/Department of Criminology, Sociology, and Geography.

In 1998, Arkansas State University employed Peggy Robinson Wright, an ASU undergraduate and MPA recipient, to serve as Coordinator and later was named Director. The Center was housed on the 7th Floor of the Dean B. Ellis Library until 2007 when it was relocated temporarily to the International Building until other space was identified. In addition to serving as full-time Director, since 1998, Wright has taught a Fall and Spring Semester "Introduction to Geography Course" to gain college teaching experience and to maintain a "sense of region" as expressed/displayed by ASU's students. Read the article here.