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Degree In 3


Arkansas State offers the opportunity to finish a bachelor’s degree in three calendar years, allowing students to the chance to start a career or go on to graduate school faster.

Who can participate in Degree in 3?

Degree in 3 is for anyone interested in saving as much as 25% of the time to get your degree at Arkansas State. If you have concurrent, CLEP or AP hours from high school, Degree in 3 is a great way to accelerate your degree even further.

See the list of majors that are ready to provide a full campus life experience as you save time and money on your bachelor’s degree.

How does it work?

Anyone can get ahead by enrolling in full summer semesters to take your degree applicable courses, using your A-State institutional scholarships.

Opt in to the Degree in 3 Program.

Apply excess financial aid to graduate school.

Scholarship monies remaining after early undergraduate degree completion can be used to begin graduate studies.

Also, Institutional Scholarship recipients who are registered in the Degree in 3 Program, are allowed to use their scholarship eligibility during the summer, provided they are enrolled in 12 hours (both summer terms combined) at the Jonesboro A-State campus.  

A-State will consider awarding credit toward an Associate or a Baccalaureate degree for Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination program (CLEP), Military service education and experience, DANTES, formal non-collegiate courses for which credit has been recommended as listed in the Directory of National Program on Non Collegiate Sponsored Instruction and in the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs published by ACE, International Baccalaureate, and Excelsior College Exams.


College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Arkansas State University provides students the opportunity to earn university credit by examination through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and through challenge examinations administered by the academic departments.

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Advanced Placement (AP)

The university awards credit to students who participate in their high school Advanced Placement (AP) Program administered by the College Board Placement Test Program. Students who wish to obtain Advanced Placement credit must request the College Board to forward their test scores to Arkansas State University after they have been admitted. Students will be awarded credit in the courses listed below, provided they make satisfactory scores on appropriate AP examinations and meet other requirements designated by the department offering the course.

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The Arkansas State University Concurrent Program

The A-State Concurrent Program is a partnership between the university and high schools to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to satisfy both high school and university credit requirements simultaneously through specific concurrent credit courses. Concurrent course offerings use the same curriculum as courses taught at the university while providing high school students with the opportunity to acquire some credit in college level general education courses.

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