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Your iPad Options

Buy an iPad from the A-State IT Store 

The A-State IT Store, located on the ground floor (facing the arch) in Wilson Hall on campus, has iPads® available. Purchasing technology and supplies from the A-State IT Store will save money and provide additional support.  You will also have a friendly store staff in the heart of campus ready to assist you with your iPad, iBooks, and apps.  

1. Purchasing your iPad at the A-State IT Store

iPad Air  Wi-Fi 16GB ---- 379.00 + tax

iPad mini with Wi-Fi 16GB ---- 239.00 + tax

Fill out the form to reserve your iPad today 

Bring In Your Own iPad

If you already own an iPad that meets the required specifications (iPad 2 or newer), you are all set. 

Please note if you have an iPad 1, you can use this in your class. However, there may be some limitations with the device. We will accommodate any limitations to the best of our ability.

Rental Options

The cost to rent an iPad will be $50.00 per semester. The maximum rental cost of the iPad will be $150.00 per year (spring, summer, and fall terms.) The $50.00 will be charged to your student account upon pickup.  The iPad rentals are refurbished pre-4th generation iPads.  iPads for rent can be picked up at the IT Store during the first week of school. 

You can return your rental iPad at the end of any term. 

Please note that over time purchasing a new iPad Mini at $239.00 + tax may be more cost effective than renting one.

You will need to complete the "Reserve your iPad" form by January 8, 2014 for the rental option. More information will be provided to you on the rental in your email. 

Questions and Further Assistance

For more information about purchasing or renting an iPad, contact the A-State IT Store at 870-972-3500. You can also visit our frequently asked questions page for more details.

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