Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Frequently Asked Questions

As an incoming freshman, you might have a question about Connect. Check out our list of frequently asked questions for more information.

  • What will the iPad be used for at ASU?

    Student using an iPad in class at A-StateAll incoming students complete both a Making Connections course and a linked general education course. This is the first six hours of the undergraduate curriculum. The Making Connections course will be taught on the iTunesU and iBooks platform. Selected general education will also be taught on the iTunesU and iBooks platform.

    We anticipate that integration of iPads into your courses will continue throughout your undergraduate career.

  • Why the iPad?

    iPad and iPad miniWe chose the iPad because it consolidates many educational tools including textbooks, classic novels, science probes, calculators, calendars, cameras, video recorders, maps, dictionaries, and organizers. Additionally, the iPad is fully integrated with the iTunesU platform. This is the only tablet solution with a content development and delivery platform built into the device.

  • I already have an iPad. Will I need to purchase another one?

    No. If you already have an iPad Pro, an iPad 2, an iPad mini, or higher, you can use it for your new semester.

    You can use the original iPad; however, please be aware that they may have limitations. We will try to accommodate any limitations to the best of our ability. It is preferable to have an iPad 2 or newer.

  • Where can I purchase an iPad?

    IT Store LogoThe IT Store, located on the A-State campus, has iPads, which will be required for all incoming freshmen. The store is ready to help! The IT Store is located on the ground floor of Wilson Hall. Enter the side of the building facing of the arch. 

    Visit the IT Store online >>
  • If I reserve a full size iPad or mini online, when do I pick it up?

    You can pick it up at New Student Registration (if you make your reservation before that date). We will hold your iPad at the A-State IT Store until you come to pick it up!

    You can reserve your iPad by visiting http://www.astate.edu/connect and filling out the reserve form. 

  • What if I want to rent an iPad? How long can I keep my rental?

    The cost to rent an iPad will be $50.00 per semester. The maximum rental cost of the iPad will be $150.00 per year (spring, summer, and fall terms). The $50.00 will be charged to your account upon pickup.

    The iPad rentals are iPad mini 2s. iPads for rent can be picked up at the A-State IT Store during the first week of school.

    You are required to return your rental iPad at the end of every term.

    Please note that over time purchasing a new iPad mini 2 at $259.00 + tax may be more cost effective than renting one.

    You will need to complete the “Reserve your iPad” form for the rental option. More information will be provided to you on the rental in your email.


  • Will I still have to buy textbooks for my courses?

    Yes.  Students will still have to purchase textbooks. The two required books for the Making Connections class are included.  

    If the required textbooks for your other courses are available electronically, the costs may be lower.  If no electronic version is available, students will have to purchase a standard textbook. Our goal is that  more and more classes will utilize electronic textbooks on the iPad.

  • Will there be any iPad training for students?

    Yes. A-State will provide training through the Making Connections course, in addition to online videos and tutorials in our knowledgebase that is available to A-State Students.

  • Can students install their own apps?

    Yes. All content on the iPad will be the property of the student and linked to the students Apple ID.

  • What happens if an iPad gets broken, lost or stolen?

    The A-State IT Store offers the option to purchase Safeware, which covers accidental damage such as: drops, spills, cracks, and other liquid damage. We would also work with the police department in returning the iPad back to the owner.

  • What methods of payment does the IT Store accept?

    The A-State IT Store accepts credit cards (except American Express) and you can use your Express Dollars. With the new student IDs, students can use their ID as a Discover card, which is accepted. The store does not accept cash or checks.