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Work Study

ASU has three part-time employment programs available to assist students in financing their educational expenses while in college.

Federal Work Study Program

The Federal Work Study Program is a part-time employment program for students who qualify through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships determines your eligibility and awards Federal Work Study based on the results of the FAFSA. Career Services posts Federal Work Study Jobs in their Career Connect website and makes referrals for students who qualify for these jobs. 

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Part-time Student Employment Program

Through the Part-time Student Employment Program, opportunities for employment on campus are available in limited numbers. Each job is limited to no more than 18 hours weekly and as a general rule most of these jobs pay the Arkansas minimum wage. These part-time student positions are also posted in Career Connect. All current enrolled students are eligible for this type of employment - even international students.

Job Location and Development Program

Assistance in securing an off campus part-time job is also available from Career Services through the Job Location and Development Program. Hundreds of opportunities are posted in Career Connect each year. Interested students should review the jobs and internships on Career Connect, then contact the employer to set up an interview or in some cases apply electronically through Career Connect. Follow application process indicated by employer.

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