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                                                   RWC - Wellness

Wellness Programs opportunities are abundant with Campus Recreation. Opportunities exist for group exercise, personalized fitness training, fitness assessment and evaluation, special instructor certification programs, fitness challenges, special events, and wellness education. Regardless of your current state, our staff can assist you in reaching all of your current and future health and fitness goals!

Group Fitness is the exercise of choice when it comes to working out at ASU. Classes are fun, motivating, and challenging for all fitness levels. Keep reading here for more information on class days and times.

Online Fitness Coaching is your place for a customized workout just for you.  Schedule a time to meet with one of our trainers. Our qualified staff will make a personalized assessment, a work out plan, and guide each individual toward your goal.  

Fitness Challenges are a fun way to add a new challenge to your everyday workout.  Simple and easy - one challenge, one day, one winner.  Do you have what it takes to try?