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Operating Procedures

Arkansas State University's official university-wide operating procedures (those that impact the members of the University community across all colleges and divisions) can be found on this webpage by clicking the appropriate link in the left-hand column. The colleges, divisions and departments of the University have additional procedures that govern their operations, and such policies are not found on this site. Please check the webpages of colleges, divisions and departments for additional procedures.

Links to some of the more common procedural guides are located in the left-hand column, as well as links to the ASU System Policies and Procedures website.

About Policies and Operating Procedures

All university policies are established by the ASU System and apply to all campuses and provide university employees guidance to 

  • ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations
  • maintain adequate internal controls to safeguard the university's assets
  • provide consistent management of resources across the system
  • understand the university's expectations for conducting business and communicate these expectations to others 

Operating procedures are established at the campus-level and may vary between campuses. They are needed to

  • guide internal processes
  • maintain consistency in operations
  • where necessary, give detailed steps that should be taken to complete a process