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Governor Mike Beebe Veterans Fund Scholarship for Combat Wounded Disabled Veterans

Underwritten & Administered by the Sigma Pi Fraternity National Education Foundation 

The Beck PRIDE Center for America’s Wounded Veterans is announcing that the Governor Mike Beebe Veterans’ Fund Scholarship for the 2015 semester at Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas will be available August 24th  through September 28th, 2015. All completed scholarship application packets must be submitted to the Beck PRIDE Center on Monday, September 28th, 2015 before 5:00pm. 

The Governor Mike Beebe Veterans Fund Scholarship

The program is designed to provide financial assistance to United States armed forces personnel who served and were wounded or disabled in the Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts, or serving elsewhere in the war on terror, and their sons, daughters, or spouses attending a post-secondary institution. Scholarship applicants are participants in the Beck PRIDE Center, at Arkansas State University. The scholarship program is a philanthropic project of the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation, Inc.

Eligibility details and the required scholarship application form are available at the Beck PRIDE Center in the Reynolds Center for Health Sciences on the ASU Jonesboro campus. Return completed application along with required documentation to:

  • Beck PRIDE Center For America's Wounded Veterans
    P.O. Box 910
    State University, AR 72467

Note: Incomplete applications and documentation will not be processed.


List of Scholarship Resources 

for Student Veterans and Veterans Dependents


The Beck Foundation

Governor Mike Beebe Veterans Fund Scholarship for Wounded and Disabled Veterans



Student Veterans of America – SVA



Pat Tillman Foundation

Tillman Military Scholarship



Folds of Honor Foundation

Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship



Thanks USA

The Thanks USA Scholarship Program



Disabled War Veterans Scholarship



Scholarship for Military Children



AMVETS Scholarships



American Legion Auxiliary

No-traditional Scholarship




Admiral Mike Boorda Scholarship Program - Up to $2000 awarded each year to varied  

number of undergraduate students in Navy/Marine Corps active duty.




Agron Seal Scholarship - $1000 awarded each year to 1 undergraduate student who is

Active Navy SEAL, Spouse or dependent.




Air Force ROTC College Scholarship - $9000 to $15000 awarded each year to 2000-4000

ROTC undergraduates.




Air Space Education Foundation Spouse Scholarship - $1000 awarded each year to 30

undergraduate or graduate students who are spouses of active duty Air Force members.



American Legacy Scholarship - $26000 awarded each year to undergraduate students

who are children of active duty US military and Guard.



Army ROTC Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program - $5000 to $16000

awarded each year to 180-250 ROTC freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students.



Dolphin Scholarships - $3000 awarded each year to 25-30 undergraduate students who

are US Navy submarine active or retired.



Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty) Chapter 30 - $37224 awarded each year to varied

number of undergraduate students who are veterans.



Montgomery GI Bill (Selected Reserve) - Up to $10692 awarded each year to varied

number of undergraduate students who are Reservists.



Scholarships for Military Children - $1500 to 500 awarded each year to undergraduate

students who are dependents of military personnel.