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Travel and Expense Access

Required Training

Users will be granted access once they have viewed and certified the Employee Training Seminar and appropriate Travel videos in Blackboard. Travelers will not gain access until their delegates (if utilized) and approvers have completed the training. For more information regarding the videos, please visit Travel Services.

Once the videos are completed, the department will need to submit a Security Request form.

Approval Notifications

The Travel and Expense Management module utilizes Workflow for approvals. The first approver that is assigned on the Traveler’s Profile will receive an email notification when a travel document has been submitted for approval.

It is important for the traveler to view their profile prior to submitting a new document to ensure the appropriate approver is assigned for the funding source utilized, specifically for grants. For approver changes, contact bhp-support@astate.edu.

Approval Routings

For departments who have more than one approver, the first approver will need to enter the additional approver’s user name (in lowercase) in the Additional Approver’s field. The user name is the approver’s email address without “@astate.edu”. Approvers who are unsure of the proper routings will need to contact their Vice Chancellor’s or Dean’s office.

Depending on the funding source, the Workflow was customized to default in the following Additional Approvers for grants and athletics:

  • Grants – PI (Principal Investigator)
    • Travelers should view their profiles to ensure the appropriate approver is assigned.
    • When the first approver opens the approval form, the PI's user name will default in.
    • The PI will need to override SPA with the chair or dean’s user name.
    • Each additional departmental approver will need to override SPA.
    • The dean will leave SPA in and click on Complete.
  • Athletics –AFC (Athletic Finance Control)
    • When the first approver opens the form, AFC will default in.
    • Each additional departmental approver will need to override AFC.
    • The final approver will leave AFC in and click on Complete.

Travel Services is the final approver for all departments. The user name “travel” will automatically default in.

The traveler and delegate will receive an e-mail notification when the document has been approved or disapproved by each approver.