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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Available Budget?

There are two available options to check your budget availability in Banner.

Internet Native Banner
  1. In Internet Native Banner, enter FGIBAVL in the Go To field on the main menu.
  2. Press the Enter key.
  3. Enter the fund, organization, account, and program codes.
  4. Click on the Next Block icon.
  5. The results are your actual available balance, which includes incomplete documents (the amount NSF looks at).
Finance Self-Service
  1. In Finance Self-Service, click on Budget Queries from the Finance Main Menu.
  2. Select Budget Quick Query from the Query Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the Create Query button.
  4. Select the Fiscal Year.
  5. Enter ‘J’ in the Chart of Accounts field.
  6. Enter the fund, organization, and program codes OR enter the fund code in the Grant field (grants only).
  7. To specify by account, enter '71' in the Account type field for supplies and services.
  8. Click on the Submit Query button.
  9. The results only include completed and posted documents.

How do I check my Grant's Available Budget?

  1. In Internet Native Banner, enter FRIGITD in the Go to field from the main menu.
  2. Press the Enter key.
  3. Enter the fund code in the Grant field.
  4. Click on the Next Block icon.

To view the grant detail information:

  1. Select the account code you wish to view.
  2. Select Grant Transaction Detail Information from the Options menu.

Can I still view my budget reports in Eprint?

  1. Yes, log into https://mycampus.astate.edu
  2. Click on the Eprint icon in the Employee menu.
  3. Review the Eprint guide for more details.

Do I need to change my Internet Native Banner password when my network password expires?

  1. No, once your change your network password on the myCampus home page, your INB password will sync to your network password.
  2. Go to https://mycampus.astate.edu.
  3. Click on the Reset Password link under the login fields.
  4. Accept the user agreement. 
  5. Enter your Campus wide ID, pin, and new password.
  6. Click on Submit.
  7. Log in to myCampus with your new password and click on Internet Native Banner.

Do I have to choose a commodity code when entering a requisition on FPAREQN?

  • Yes, select a commodity code from the search list on FTVCOMM, or enter a code from the Commodity Code List. Please override the commodity code description for the specific item description you need to purchase, starting with a noun.
  • To enter additional information regarding the item description, select "Item Text" from the Options menu.
  • Contact Procurement Services at 972-2028 for assistance.

What is the difference between requisition document text and item text?

  • Document text represents information you want to communicate with procurement services and accounts payable regarding the purchase. Document text prints on the requisition header.
  • Item text represents information concerning the specific commodity or line item you are purchasing. Item text prints after each line item on the requisition.

How do I know when the check is cut for my purchase order?

  1. Login to Internet Native Banner.
  2. Enter FOIDOCH in the Go To field on the main menu. Press the Enter key.
  3. Enter 'PO' in the Document Type field.
  4. Enter the PO document number in the Document field.
  5. Click on the Next Block icon. 
  6. All of the documents associated with the purchase order will display, including the Receiving, Invoice(s), and Check(s). 
  7. To view the document, single-click on the document number.
  8. Select Document Information from the Options menu to see the information entered for that document, including the date and amount.
  9. The check has cleared the bank when a status of 'F' appears next to the check number.
  10. To see the check information, select "Check Information" from the Options menu. On FAICHKH, enter 12 in the Bank Code field and Next Block.