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Online Direct Deposit Procedures

To access the Direct Deposit Allocation Menu

  • Login to myCampus and click on the Self-Service (SSB) icon.
  • Click on the Employee menu.
  • Select the following links>>
    • Pay Information
    • Direct Deposit Allocation
    • Update Direct Deposit Allocation

Do you currently receive email notifications for direct deposit from Accounts Payable? If the answer is yes, you should have an active account. To verify this, look at the Proposed Pay Distribution. An active record will display as “Yes” under the Accounts Payable header.

To update the current account distribution, you must first inactivate the account.

  • Select the Bank Name you wish to inactivate.
  • Select the Inactivate checkbox. When both Payroll and Accounts Payable are selected, make sure to uncheck the allocation that does not need to be inactivated.
  • Click Save.

The inactivated allocation will no longer display on the Allocation page.

To Add a New Payroll or Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Allocation

Do you have any active allocations?


  • Click on Add New Direct Deposit
  • Enter the required fields, select the appropriate check boxes, and click Save

Yes, and the routing and account number are the same as Payroll:

  • Click on the Bank Name, select the Accounts Payable Deposit checkbox, and click on Save

Yes, but the routing and account number are different:

  • Add the account in the Add Allocation section
  • Enter the Bank Routing Number and Account Number. Contact Payroll Services at 972-2293 if the bank routing number does not exist.
  • Select the Account Type (Savings or Checking).
  • Select the Accounts Payable Deposit checkbox.
  • Click Save.

You may receive the following error: 

“Record already exists for Bank Routing XXXXXXXXX, Account XXXXXXX, and Type Checking. Please contact your HR Administrator to reactivate this direct deposit. No changes saved.”

Please contact Payroll Services at 972-2293 for assistance.